The Ice Storm


Of course I’m going to start this out with a bird image.  After a late fall of some serious hunting/gathering it’s time to settle back into photo mode. Ice storms are probably the worst natural disasters we endure in Michigan. They’re rare, dangerous and beautiful. This time we lost power for only 2 days.  A few years ago we went 5 days.  Anyway, Blue Jays are way underrated. They’re one of the prettiest birds on this continent. Throw in some contrasting fall foliage or some matching icy whites and blues and the possibilities are endless.


I wasn’t ready (who is!?) for this storm. Returning from a successful up north muzzle loader trip, I had to brace for days without power and worry about my deer freezing solid. As usual, Erika had everything under control and the first night had the kerosene heater cranking, reading by candlelight and TED talks on the radio. Losing power helps slow life down and makes us realize what’s really important. Maybe we should all do a week every winter.

American Tree Sparrow

The American Tree Sparrow, a stupid name for a bird that should be called the tundra sparrow. Google it!  The trees are probably about 24″ tall where this bird spend its summers. They’re friggin beautiful. If you haven’t seen one, either kill yourself or go outside tomorrow. Okay, maybe that’s a bit overboard but do go outside!


Pretty in pink:  A crazy sunset lights up a White Oak in Lapeer County.


Winter draws pretty pictures, better than any human.


I know, cliche.  I never photograph cardinals because everyone does that.  I hope that I captured one of my favorite southern Michigan birds in a way that you find pleasing.

Back after freezer filling: ducks, geese and deer.  And then hopefully, one of the best winters for photographing owls and waterfowl.

Cold, ice, snow…. this is what a Michigan winter should be and I’m happy!  Hope you are too.


~ by David Stimac on December 27, 2013.

10 Responses to “The Ice Storm”

  1. Dave, my boy! I hate to say this….but you’re a bit loony tunes…’cold, ice, snow…this is what Michigan winter should be and I’m happy?’ I think I got out of town just in time. Snow? OK. Ice? No way! All that said, you have produced some outstanding photographs of what can only happen in Michigan after an ice storm! The birds are amazing and I love the one with the cattails in the foreground. Where was that one taken? The White Oak with the pink sky sunset is serenely beautiful! A testament to peace and quiet after a storm.

  2. David, the Cardinal photo is really spectacular. There is something about it’s bright vibrant color against the stark colorless background of ice and snow that leaves me feeling a chill. I feel for those who lost power but I must admit, the ice storms are beautiful.

  3. Amazing!! I guess we are “super blessed” not to have experienced the ice! However your images are outstanding as expected and the American Tree Sparrow is fantastic!!!! Love this completely!!!~

  4. Tree Sparrow section my fave. I always thought that someone must have had a good reason to name it a ‘tree” sparrow…

  5. What a spectacular collection of breath taking ice storm photos. Sorry about your power loss but seems you know how to make the most of it. I can’t single out a favorite – they are all beautiful. I am very happy to see the Blue Jay’s return around Oakland County after several years of their absence due to the West Nile Virus.

  6. Thanks everyone! Glad you liked em. I haven’t seen a winter like this since I was a kid. I’m hoping to get back out for lots more bird photography when conditions moderate a bit!

  7. I was looking for a ice storm inspirational images…as we are having one today…and I am hoping by tomorrow morning i am going to have something to photograph 🙂 Love your pictures!

    • Thank you Evy! I hope the storm worked out for you. It’s always a bit scary traveling in those conditions!

  8. Hey David, is there anyway that I can directly contact you about your pictures? Please let me know, Thanks!

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