On the road again: South Dakota

20130613-054759_DSC0232_nIf you think eastern South Dakota would be a boring place to visit you would be wrong. Sure, agriculture has taken it’s toll, but prairie plants and animals continue their roles and will prevail long after we’re gone. Armed with my usual array of camera gear and a derelict 1996  F-150, I set sail for the high plains. My enduring wife, Erika, tricked out the floating blind in a new coat of Fastgrass.

blind The blind in 4 ft. of water.

On the western edge of the Missouri Coteau waterfowl like Blue-winged teal, Northern Pintails, Gadwalls and Northern Shovelers are “trash birds.” Pull off anywhere on a side road and you will flush a hen off of her nest.  I was a bit early for ducklings due to a a very cold spring season. I love ducks but I love everything else too and was content to photograph other birds and the prairie landscapes.

20130610-203520_DSC2240 A female wilson’s phalarope. I love shorebirds and the phalaropes’ beauty and behavior are a constant source of new findings.

The marsh backdrop loop: a marsh wren clacks away…

An American avocet in sunset grasses.

An American bittern hunts along the cattails.

Yellow headed blackbird, vocalist and contortionist….

A drake ruddy duck performs his courtship display, inflating tracheal air sacs and vibrating a bubble show and “squek” for the ladies.

If you’re nutty enough to participate in this madness, stay tuned. I will be offering photo tours and floating blinds for the foolhardy…


~ by David Stimac on June 28, 2013.

2 Responses to “On the road again: South Dakota”

  1. A perfect way to start my day, David. Your artistry continues to astound 🙂

  2. Lovely Images David! I especially love the “mood” of the Avocet image and what I’d give to photograph a Wilson’s!!! Can’t wait to see more!!!


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