Northern Lake Huron report

Ram’s head lady’s-slipper, a bizarre and uncommon orchid of northern Michigan.

Just finished a wildflower workshop and a week of scouting for next year. Participants were enthusiastic and knowledgable naturalists and we found many interesting plants. The later spring made finding some a challenge but the star of the show, Dwarf lake iris was about at peak. Earlier species like Spring beauty and Squirrel corn could still be found.

A Dwarf lake iris grows up though last year’s grasses.

Jack-in-the-pulpit among wild leek leaves.

Biting insects weren’t bad and we were treated to views of early butterflies like Spring azures, Frosted elfins and Juvenal’s duskywings. American toads’ songs and displaying Common nighthawks were other treats.

American toad

Downy_ yellow_violet_20130530-120807_DSC9671
Downy yellow violet

Next spring’s outing will be a full week and will include more special places. Please stay tuned for dates and details!

Canada violet

strich ferns


~ by David Stimac on June 16, 2013.

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