Arctic Finland & Norway Part 3

Steve and I shared a room in the basement of the Vardo Hotel.  It was clean but looked like the set for some sort of horrible medical experiments or maybe the set of “Hostel”.

There were three foot thick doors and huge locks and the hallway smelled like paint thinner.  Steve commented “fresh paint after every kill…”!

Then there was this disturbing painting in the room.

Too bad the hotel disco seemed to be closed!

When we tried to book rooms for our second week we were told that they were fully booked because of Yukigassen, a snowball fighting competition.

I’m not kidding!  Too bad we would have to leave a day before things really got started.

We ended up staying at a B&B.

The boat trip to Hornoya was wild with high winds and big swells. There were a lot of bruises and some almost damaged gear!

We weren’t able to land but got some close looks at Common & Thick-billed Murres, Razorbills, Puffins and Shags.


A big raft of Common Murres and Razorbills

Common Murre

The beautiful “bridled” form.

The church in Vardo.

Time for more ducks!  A nearby harbor had a small flock of Steller’s Eiders. We photographed them from the rocky shoreline and a dock.

Doing my best to blend in.

A drake in the snow.

A hen in the reflection of the docks.

During our second week we had to deal with some bad weather.  We spent an extra day in Batsfjord because the road was closed.  In Vardo we dealt with blinding snowstorms.

This photo doesn’t do the trip from the harbor back to Vardo justice…. I’ve driven in some bad conditions but this was insane. We got back to the house and Leila was so happy we were alive that her & Svein cooked a ton of King Crab for us!!!!!

King Crab!!!


Hmmmmm…… Glaucous or Iceland?

Steve in all his glory!

Norwegian speed bumps can really rattle you.

More shopping, this time for souvenirs in Ivalo.

Looks like those reindeer have a calcium deficiency.

Only the best for Erika…..wacky ptarmigan potholders!

Late in the trip we learned that we missed an incredible Aurora display.  It was photographed incredibly well by Miguel A. Pedrera, a tour participant during the second week.

Here’s the link to his mind blowing photos.


~ by David Stimac on April 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “Arctic Finland & Norway Part 3”

  1. Great photos Dave…love to hear about your adventures!!!

  2. Amazing photos. Can’t wait for a private showing in July!

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